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Does Jay-Z Really Have A FENDI Face?+Other Fabness

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Photog: Barson/Wireimage
It looks like Jay-Z might have a new job...as the new face of FENDI. How his "face" will be incorporated into the brand is still a secret--he could be the actual face/spokesperson or just lending his name to the brand like he usually does. Either way, he was spotted alongside Karl Lagerfield yesterday (who is the FENDI Creative Director) at a photoshoot for the new F/W '08 FENDI campaign. And he was definitely all in the mix. It seems like they're trying to keep this low low though since once a paparazzi sprung from he corner snapping pics, the pap was physically taken down extra hard. We shall see...
Pic source: INF
Speaking of shoots, Tyra was spotted all smiles on a car commercial shoot yesterday that also features Toni Braxton. And since everybody else's girlfriend gets celebrity face time simply because they're a celeb girlfriend:
Photog: McCarthy/Wireimage
I think I kinda like this Grasie Mercedes. She's MTV VJ Damien Fahey's model girlfriend who goes with her man everywhere-like Damien's release party last night. I'm not even mad. I AM mad at the Opie status of his jeans though. The Randomness:
  1. Oh so PETA must not know about Mama Retha.
  2. MiMi turned 38 today.
  3. Damn Mary J. A$12 million (in cash) NJ mansion? Must be nice.
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