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Key Key Cole & The Gang Hit MTV

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The How She Move kids are trying their damndest to get 10 more people in the theaters: They hit up MTV's Sucker Free today.  And is that damn Rutina rocking those anke strangling combat boots AGAIN?  Stop it!  There's no excuse.  None.  Keyshia saves the day though with my fave YSL wedges of the Cruise '08 line.  And the tourquise version of those are even hotter.   I'm trying to get with the overpowering curly bags look.  I really am.  But my eyes just aren't allowing it.  I can't help but like this chick though. And Flo Rida and Shawty Lo rolled through: He gets an L for that wack ass chain.
Photog: G. Gershoff 
Them baggy sweat pants...And the Reeboks with the straps... And Skaterboy Lupe hit up TRL yesterday:
Photog: B. Ach
Awww.  Stay fab!
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