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Ummm Garcelle, Kim Porter, Amerie, & ABC...Seriously?

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I'm fully convinced that Garcelle Beauvais' full time job is hitting the red carpet and delivering those twins was just her vacay.  Why?: Because chick hit the launch party for Dussault Apparel's concept store on Melrose Avenue yesterday...less than a month after delivering two babies.  I don't know whether to bow down or wonder what's really the deal here.
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Chick does look fab though.  No need to hide back there Kim Porter:
Pic: Buzz Foto
We see you.  Diddy was spotted in Hollywood this week toting around with Kimmy...and without the kids.  As long as I don't see her tirades all over the pages of Essence again...more power to her.  Because you couldn't pay me to continue be within 50 feet of a man who blatantly disrespects my ass.  Chick admitted she knew and still knows his cheating and disrespectful ways...yet she's still toting by his side.  And no--it ain't because of the kids if the kids were nowhere to be found.  I can't even co-sign your side of this issue anymore Kimmy.  Oh well... And Amerie is still trying her damndest to be relevant: She's shooting her next video with Chingy for "Fly Like Me". Her man/manager was chilling on set too of course.
Pics: ohamerie.net
Poor chile'...  
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And will somebody PLEASE tap ABC and/or Ticketmaster and let them know not all black folks look alike? Please learn the difference between Mel B. and Monique Coleman. Here's Mel B.'s full promo pic which they clearly used for Monique Coleman--who is the actual person going on the tour: Damn shame.
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