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So Marques Houston's New Chick Is Jennifer Freeman?+Kelly Rowland Still Scrapping For A Job+New Ish From Jay-Z & Jilly

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Well look who showed up hand and hand at the Somebody Help Me Hollywood premiere that stars Marques Houston last night: marcus-houston-and-jennifer-freeman-3.jpg marcus-houston-and-jennifer-freeman.jpg marcus-houston-and-jennifer-freeman-2.jpg The sad thing is I put money on it that these two were more interesting than anything else at this premiere...including that movie. But Jennifer looks cute these days. Oh hells no Tootie: kim-fields.jpg kim-fields-2.jpg Just had a baby or not...this ish is unacceptable. Somebody please welcome this chick to Fall 2007. Thank you. chris-stokes.jpg Chris Stokes , who directed this movie, hit up the premiere with his mom. And Tia Mowry looked fabulous at the premiere: tia-mowry.jpg tia-mowry-2.jpg Loves the whole look. Actress Brooklyn Sudano was there: brooklyn-sudano.jpg brooklyn-sudano-2.jpg Very fab. So this is what you're doing now Kelly? Promoting video games you don't even know how to play?: Kelly Rowland Kelly RowlandShe hit up the promo event for the Sims Castaway game. kelly-rowland-3.jpg kelly-rowland-4.jpg If this would have been one of Papa Knowles' daughters, he would have had her cop 2% ownership of this company and a "Kelly" version of the game. Y'all know he doesn't let those girls peddle a damn thing for free. I'm just saying... kelly-rowland-1.jpg And she also hit up the Electronic Arts "Be The One" event in London's Trafalgar Square on Thursday. Sigh Halle is still on the promo tip for her movie: halle-berry-2.jpg halle-berry-in-rome.jpg She hit up the Rome Film Festival yesterday. Still looking fab. Check out the brand new leaked Jay-Z commercial:

It airs next week. And Jilly from Philly has a new vid for "My Love":

I love this track.
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