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Jill Scott To Her Fans: Shut the F*ck Up!

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Jill Scott Hollywood Performance
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Who pissed off Jilly?!  A YBF reader who hit up Jill Scott's Hollywood concert performance Tuesday tells YBF that Jill snapped on an audience of fans Tuesday night right before she kicked off her performance:
People from the crowd screamed "I love you!" 3 times at the House of Blues Sunset Strip last night. Her response was "Shut the f*ck up or I will have you taken out of here and I'll GIVE you your money back...security I'm serious". She also said "I'm 35. I'm grown. Dont tell me what to do" a few mins before her outburst...
Apparently several of the concert goers were put off by Jill's actions and had to complain to the House of Blues about it all. And several folks reportedly looked disgusted and felt like the concert was ruined by the harsh words. Hopefully that divorce isn't messing with my girl's head. It all seems highly uncharacteristic of one of my fave YBF chicks. But I put money on it that somebody in front the stage was yelling something unnecessary and y'all know Jill don't play that ish.  Queens shouldn't swing if you know what I mean...But I'm bout to take my earrings off get me some Vaseline...
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