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Celebs Hit L.A. Fashion Week & Other Fabness

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Celebs who are trying their damndest to be important hit up opening day at Mercedes Benz 2008 L.A. Fashion Week yesterday.  And R. Kelly's wife Andrea made a rare apearance at the YSL show: andrea-kelley-at-ysl-show.jpg Very interesting. andrea-kelly-2.jpg andrea-kelly-3.jpg I see she's not worried about being out and about anymore. chudney-ross-chick-by-nicky-hilton.jpg Oh Chudney.  She hit up the Chick by Nicky Hilton show.  She was probably taking more notes on how to become the black socialite Hilton. And YBF chick Fuane Chambers hit up the arrivals: fuane-chambers-la-fashion-week.jpg  la-fashion-week-2.jpg Beautiful.  la-fashion-week.jpg  *Sigh* taneka-ray-at-randolph-duke-show.jpg And Tanika Ray was spotted at the Randolph Duke show.
Photogs: Aussenard and Williamson
Tiny’s police record So Tiny got arrested Saturday too with her man ?  Her police record was found out and she has charges of possession of marijuana and ecstasy.  WTF? nas-n-word-album.jpg Nas is naming his next album the N-Word.  And let the controversy begin....  Trina was spotted performing at the Tallahassee Civic Center last week: trina-performing.jpg trina-performing-2.jpg trina-performing-3.jpg
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Performing what?  Anyways, speaking of Trina, Strictly Fab's got a style diary on her. And Keyshia Cole hit up MiTRL last week: keyshia-cole-on-mitrl.jpg keyshia-cole-on-mitrl-2.jpg keyshia-cole-on-mitrl-3.jpg She actually looks cute.  Get it Key Key. The Randomness:
  1. Mya can't drive.
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