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Another Spotting: Kerry Washington and Common +Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" Vid+Don't Nobody Talk Bad About Ms. Jackson!

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Kerry Washington and Common dating Well maybe it's not just a rumor. After reports that Kerry Washington was tapped to write Common's new vid and reports that she was chillin backstage at his concert in VA (as well as his NY show I hear) this week, sources have relayed to YBF that the rumored new couple was also spotted arm and arm all up in a mall by Norfolk:
...the two walked in arm-and-arm, looking very cozy with each other, like couples do, and she said that he had the look on his face like he was hoping not to be noticed. Once they came upon a group of people who recognized him, he was very polite, signed autographs, and the two practically ran back out of the mall.
And I guess girlfriends share everything: Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson
@ the L.A. Confidential party back in August
Because last time I checked Common's most recent ex Taraji P. and Kerry are admittedly good friends. Gotta love the Hollywood bed hop. Hov's vid for "Blue Magic" premiered tonight on 106 and Park: I was already shakey on the song itself. Now I'm convinced the grease is better. Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson So Tyler Perry and Janet hit up the CBS 13 Morning Show this morning. And they drilled Janet about "single handedly reforming FCC regulations" thanks to her SuperBowl wardrobe malfunction. And were borderline disrespectful about it. But Tyler wasn't having it. Video. Are we seriously still talking about that ish 3 years later? Seriously?
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