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Is "Heart Attack Scare" Bobby Brown Code For "Overdose"?+You Decide: Real or Filled?

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So TMZ is reporting that Bobby Brown was just rushed to the hospital by his girlfriend/manager Alicia because of tightening in his chest.  Reports are saying it's a "heart attack scare," but that symptom seems real general and could be applied to the side effects of his typical recreational hobbies.  It wouldn't be the first time a celeb checked into the hospital masking their habit-gone-extra bad for a "heart attack".  *Sigh* What would Whitney say? Maybe I just haven't paid attention to Nelly Furtado over the past few years...but her ass is looking real extra these days.  This recent performance pic has been raising some eyebrows.  She and Mel B. do need to put out a book on post baby fabulousness though.  So you decide: Is it real...or is it filled?
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