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Foolywang Material: Ike Turner & Aubrey Madison

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What in the crispy hell is going on here?:  
Aubrey Madison and Ike Turner  
The most famous wife beater ever is getting his own reality show with his ex wife Aubrey Madison.  Whoever is giving Ike Turner time to put his foolishness on tv needs to be slapped.  Aubrey and Ike called in to Detroit's FM 98 morning show to do an interview and dude is clearly on that pipe.  Audio He divulged that his ex wife Aubrey (who he's supposedly getting back together with) tried to kill his ass with an overdose of Viagra.  And then he talked about his homosexual tendencies he may have.  He got clowned and didn't even realize it.  A simple "WTF?" will do for this situation.  Eat the cake Anna Mae! On a side note...it's taking everything in me not to do a Separated At Birth post with Aubrey and the Bride of Chucky.  I'm just sayin'....
{Thanks Necole}
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