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YBF Interview: T.I. and T.I.P.

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I sat down with T.I. recently and had some fun times talking about the T.I. v. T.I.P. hoopla. I expected a rambunctious dude with a slight Napoleon complex...but in fact he was one of the most polite, down to earth, sexy, and funny celebs I've met...with a slight Napoleon complex. And maybe a bit rambunctious. And y'all know I tried my damndest to get a lil personal... Natasha: So why T.I. v. T.I.P? Who are these people? T.I.: {Laughs} Why? Because this has been a conflict for a long time now. T.I.P. is who I am personally and T.I. is me professionally. It's just something I wanted to put out there. Natasha: I can tell. T.I.: Yeah I mean, I have a different way to display different sides of me. But both are needed in this industry. Natasha: Who do you feel is your biggest competition in the game right now? T.I.: Biggest competition? Me! Sh*t nobody else can do what I do. {Laughs} How many other cats doing what I do got all the respect from the fellas? And the ladies love him? I mean...you know. Natasha: Ok I can see that. T.I. Exactly. {Laughs} Natasha: Before you dropped [Trap Muzik], how'd you keep going and keep your eye on the prize when you weren't getting the respect you deserved when you were underground and all over mixtapes? T.I.: Just the opportunity to get what I wanted. That kept me going. I just smelled it and followed my nose. Natasha: Do you think you get the respect you deserve right now? T.I.: People who know me personally respect me. If you know T.I.-then you respect him. That's all that matters. Natasha: So you and Tiny. *I promise y'all his whole aura changed and got extra smiley* T.I.: What? Natasha: What's your relationship status? You told MTV months ago that you broke up with Tiny and now you're single man. And the next day you're all up in Body Tap kickin it with Tiny lookin' like a couple. So what's going on with that? T.I.: I didn't tell MTV that! {Laughs} Natasha: Yes you did! T.I.: No...I told them we were taking time apart or whatever and they jumped to conclusions. Natasha: Well you know the ladies want to know. What's your status? T.I.: I mean I don't put labels on things. Sometimes it's best not to say anything at all. I mean...I'ma always have love for [Tiny]. You know how that is. Natasha: So are you in an exclusive relationship? T.I.: Yes, of course. But I don't label things. Natasha: So several weeks ago a video hit the net of your concert a Bentley College where you stopped the music and went off on somebody who threw something at you on stage. It was during the "What You Know" track and people said it was all planned and fake. Was it? T.I.: Naw man. That was real. I'm not fake. I don't stage a damn thing. I always keeps it real. Just like everything on this album is based on things that really went down. I'ma keep it gangsta. This sh*t is not just for tv. {Laughs} Not at all. Natasha: Speaking of TV, are you interested in ever doing a reality show? T.I.: I don't know. Maybe a reality show. But only about Grand Hustle Entertainment. I'll just peep in every now and then but it'll be about the business side of things. Letting cameras in my house though? Hell naw! I don't want y'all to see my bad side. Natasha: What's the bad side? T.I.: I got a bad ass temper. I mean...bad. I told you this aint for tv. {Laughs} *His publicist chimed in with validation on that comment* Natasha: Ok tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say these things. T.I.: Aight. Natasha: Hip Hop. T.I.: Me. Natasha: Tiny. T.I.: Maaaan...that's home. {smiles} Natasha: Your kids. T.I.: Life. Natasha: Atlanta. T.I.: Aww I already used the one I wanna use. Home. Natasha: Sex. T.I.: Lots! Yes! Natasha: Love. T.I.: {Laughs} Love is...love. Natasha: Awww. Well thanks so much for your time today. Good luck with the new album and I respect your hustle. Any last words for your fans on YBF? T.I.: Thank y'all so much for all the support. Keep loving me and keep supporting.

T.I. v. T.I.P. drops July 3rd and you can catch T.I.P. Harris in American Gangster November 2, 2007. And here's T.I. gracing the pages of the August issue of VIBE:

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Pure sexy.

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