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That Halle is ridiculously gorgeous. And she's gorgeous even when she's not on her way to the Oscars or some other big event.

HB spotted walking around L.A. last week

She loves her jewelry. She says she doesn't wear gold...only silver. I think both would look fab on her though.

Beyonce was serenaded by Babyface at the World Music Awards. They're premiering tonight on ABC by the way.

Apparently, someone thinks Fievel and Eva are cuzins. Now that's funny. {Thanks Crunk and Disorderly}

Speaking of Eva, super stylist Robert Verdi threw a cocktail party in her honor last night to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Diddy and Eva at Robert Verdi's/Eva's cocktail party

Ok it's official. Diddy has a grey spot in the front of his head. It's not lighting. I see the grey in every pic lately. Him and his momma need to work their hair problems out....quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Alicia Silversone and Sophie Okenedo at a party last night

If ya'll don't remember who Sophie is, she co-starred in Hotel Rwanda. She's a fabulous actress with a fabulous look.

Jada Pinkett-Smith performing a few weeks ago with her band Wicked
Only Jada could pull off a wild look like this.
I could not stop laughing while I was looking at these pics of Vivica Fox. She launched her new magazine line, Jolie, a few weeks ago. Hmmmm...I haven't seen that mag on the stands anywhere. But anywho...
She decided to have a photoshoot for her cover. That Vivica cracks me up. She is determined to show off all that money she put in her body.

Is it just me or is Lil Weezie starting to look a lot like Lil John's lil brother??

And the countdown is on and poppin for the Queen Bee. In 7 days, on Sept. 19th a 2p, Kim will turn herself over to authorities to go to jail. Even though she'll only be gone for a year and a half, we'll miss her.

On the rumor tip: Kim has been in the studio nonstop recording a ridiculous amount of tracks for the past couple of months. At least her name...and bank account...can remain in full effect while she's locked up.

Check out Tyra B. at her recent photoshoot:

She looks fabulous. Damn I need a new workout plan. And an in-house photo editor.

How did I miss this pic of Vivica at the 2005 VMAs?? I'm still laughin.

Nas's birthday was yesterday. He threw a party at Club Butter in NYC. {Thanks anonymous reader} I hope Kelis wasn't there lookin a fool.

Oooh and ya'll know I love me some Chris Webber. (He's Tyra Bank's ex and he's on the right)

And finally, Sean Paul was on TRL London yesterday.

I need him to return those thongs to whatever 15 year old he took them from and I pray he doesn't get arrested. It's not ok Sean.

The Randomness:

  1. Ice Cube is being sued for $100 mil by an Alabama filmmaker who says Cube stole his Barbershop script. Aint it funny that these suits always occur after the movie has made money?? Story
  2. Micheal Jackson is recruiting all the big name songsters to make a Hurricane Relief song.
  3. Destiny's Child's last show was this past Sunday in Vancouver, Canada. Awww I'm sad. No fa real. I am.
  4. Jaime Foxx has been named the spokesperson for the NAACP Disaster Relief Fund.
  5. I don't know how I feel about Kanye speaking for all of Black America by telling White America when they can use slang. But hey...at least somebody is exhibiting some leadership qualities in Black America. Story
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