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Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

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50 cent kicked off the British segment of his Get Rich or Die Tryin tour yesterday. Is it just me or is he gettin even more cut?

And after I finish the fantasies raging through my mind...I will continue this post.

On the gossip tip: 50 threw cash at over 2,000 fans that he felt bad about ignoring while he was shooting his Get Rich...movie in New York. Story

And speaking of yumminess...the Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne, went to eat at The Ivy restaurant this weekend.

Fashion Week continued last night at the Kai Milla Spring 2006 Fashion Show. The front row was star studded.

I don't know how or why Al Reynolds made it on the front row wearing this velour type jacket.

Oh...because his newly fab bride wasn't too far away.

Brandy made the front row too. She looks like she's lookin at the runway thinking "Man...how much skinnier do I need to get before I can be on that runway?? My head is already bigger than my body." And girl...that hairstyle does not help that fact.

You know what ya'll...I give up! And is that collegen in her lips?? The insanity that emerges from Janice Comb's look is just too overpowering and draining to address anymore.

Lynn Whitfield is definitely aging gracefully...and apparently with the help of some nips and tucks. But hey...who cares! She looks fabulous.

I'm feelin this dress on Serena. She looks pretty fab.

But the other half on the other hand...if you gonna weave it up...at least make it fabulous. Not feelin it Venus.

Essence magazine editor Susan Taylor (r) made the front row of the Kai Milla fashion show

Editor Miki Taylor (R) on Kai Miller Fashion Show front row

Black NY socialities made the front row of the Joanna Mastroianni show.

Adrian Lenox

Grace Hightower

Garcelle was spotted getting ready for a day of fashion on Sunday morning by reading her Daily magazine.

And apparently she needs to get ready AGAIN cuz that outfit is hideous.

Eva's back from her Paris weekend trip to sit on the Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show front row.

Silly me to forget to show a pic yesterday of the fabulous Kimora Simmons at her own Baby Phat fashion show.

And moving on to the world outside of fashion week...

Oprah's spot is probably the most fabulous home I've ever seen.

Oh Mariah. Just when I thought you were learning how to dress and act...I'm again disappointed. I honestly think she hires her own paparazzi.

MC attending Pamela Anderson's book launch last week

I guess she sort of redeems herself in her recent Esquire photo spread.

Tracy Morgan was spotted partying at the Cabana Club in Hollywood last Thursday.

And I want him to never do this again. Stay away rom the drugs and alcohol Tracy.

Model Nicole Narrina also partied at the spot Thursday night. She's the chick who is trying to sell the sex tape with her and Colin Farrell.

The Randomness:

  1. Voletta Wallace (Biggie's Mom) says Kim and Diddy used her son and she can't stand them. Whoa! Story
  2. Naomi Campbell is donating all the money she makes for doing shows during Fashion Week this week to Hurricane Katrina victims. She wants all the other models to do the same. At least violence aint the reason she makin the news this time. Story
  3. Oprah says America should apologize to Katrina victims for calling us "refugees". And if Oprah said it...ya'll know it's law. Story
  4. Armani's a 50 cent fan? What? Story


Fashion alert: Kanye West has hopped on the celebrity clothing line bandwagon. His line will debut in 2006. Read the story here.

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