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I just want to say thank you to ALL of my fabulous readers for 1) still reading my blog and 2) sending me all your best wishes, prayers, and thoughts. They mean more to me than you realize. And yes...I read each and every comment and e-mail. And on to the gossip mill:

Fashion Week in NY continued this weekend. And by the way...only the hottest celebs get on fashion show front rows....usually.

The Baby Phat fashion show had all the stars last night.

Now ya'll know Kimora's hubby was on that front row...still lookin like a real big kid. But he makin that paper though.

Rhianna was on the front row looking fabulous. I still think she looks like a real made up 12 year old.

Brandy was also on the front row looking..well...bobble headish. Maybe her head is just abnormally big for her body naturally. Naw...that heffa needs a samich (sandwich for those not hip to the slang term).

Mary J. Blige was also on the front but was looking very unfab. Wassup with this outfit MJB?

Amerie was at the show lookin pretty. Girl when you gon come out with a new song??? She gettin a whole lotta hype over this just one song. But I did like her back when she came out with that first album.

Are Bone Thugs bout to make a comeback or sumthin?? They are everywhere. I don't mind though. Come back Bone!!

So what was Garcelle thinkin bout when she decided to walk up in this fashion show with this outfit? She shouldn't have been allowed in. Are theose leg warmers she got on in this 100 degree heat??

Speakin of leaving people at the elevator entrance forbidding them entrance...

That damn Janice Combs just never learns. She looks a mess as usual. I wanna sneak up running behind her with a bottle of black hair dye and dump it all over her head. Then maybe she'd learn this hair AINT right.


WTF?? This pic of Kelis scared the ever livin s**t out of me. Why was she allowed in the Baby Phat show again? Is that what Nas has to wake up to every mornin?

Star Jones-Reynolds looked surprisingly fab in her white suit at the event.

I'm tellin ya'll...I give it just a few more years before Al comes out the closet.

I just don't know bout Mashonda and Swizz Beats.

Kwame and Jessica (his girlfriend) are poppin up everywhere. B-Listers tryin to get more fab. I see u Kwame. I'm kinda feelin the argyle sweater too.

Tocarra, Tocarra. Now I'm all about curves...hell I'm the President of Curvey Girls Unite...but this outfit AINT for you girl. She is lookin fab after Celebrity Fit Club though.

On the Sass and Bide Spring 2006 Fashion Show front row, Miss Tyra was sittin pretty.

At the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show after party...some hotness was spotted.

His name is Anthony Mackie and ladies he is GORGEOUS. And he's a New Orleans native by the way. If you don't recognize him, he's co-starring in the upcoming film The Man, and he's played in Manchurian Candidate, 8 Mile, Million Dollar Baby and She Hate Me. Yes...I'm a fan.

EL is big kickin it in Paris this weekend. She's still tryin to learn French and become tri-lingual so she can and bond with bf San Antonio Spurs b-ball star Tony Parker (who's Parisian).

She looks like she strugglin to understand the newspaper, menu, and the waiter. Wonder where those flowers came from??

J-Lo appeared on the David Letterman show on Friday to promote her new movie Unfinished Life.

She even looks fab posing in an alley and in her diva getaway car.

Well Tyra B. is workin this bikini at her recent photoshoot.

Ya'll remember our girl Latoya London that got robbed by American Idol? Well here she is lookin sassy at a recent event.

And there's Stacie J. from E!'s Kill Reality at that same event. Not sure bout that wild hair though.

The Randomness:

  1. Cedrick the Entertainer is set to host the next AMA's. Good...maybe this time they'll be worth watching.
  2. Upcoming movies featuring Black rappers: Bow Wow in Roll Bounce, 50 Cent in Get Rich or Die Tryin, and Diddy in Carlito's Way.
  3. Beyonce, Ray-J, and R. Kelly have most songs on the Roll Bounce soundtrack.
  4. Halle Berry says bearing her breasts helped her overcome nudity fears. Whatever Hallez...what were you fearful of?? Story
  5. Is anyone else actually lookin forward to the premiere of the Tyra Banks Show?? Well..if so...it premieres tomorrow. Click here for the website

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