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Strictly For The Grown and Sexy

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Here's some more pics from the Fashion Rocks event a couple of days ago:

Tyra and Eva were lookin fab.

Destiny's Child lookin mighty fab in black. Kelly's outfit is too fab. I'm lovin the top of B's dress. And Michelle looks...well, like Michelle.

D-Child also performed at the event....in something resembling lingerie. Why does Michelle look like she bout to bust her a** AGAIN?

Diddy, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams were lookin grown and sexy.

Enough of all that.

Christina Milian had a photoshoot for Latina magazine.

Now I know she's part Latina and part black, but did they really have to dye her hair blond and make her skin lighter to cover up even the slightest blackness she had?? Sad.

Apparently Tyson Beckford is in serious need of work. He just sued Diddy for not paying him his money after a modeling gig for the mogul's clothing line. Now, he's modeling a car for McDonald's.

And on the gossip tip: Tyson B. announced last week that he will quit the modeling biz. He said it's cuz of Diddy's complete lack of fashion sense that's ruining the fashion business. Whatever. Boy you know you just can't find a job! I guess times is rough for e'rybody. NY Daily Times has the story.

Whoa...Omarion is prolly real mad about this flashback pic of him.

Yes, he was a child model for Afro's of Hollywood...... Now that is funny. Well you gotta start somewhere.

And look at him now:

Omarion at this week's Stuff magazine event

Now that hat looks way too big for O.

J-Lo is definitely grown and sexy.

Those new Elle photoshoot pics are fabulous.

Once again, Tracy Bingham has lost her damn mind.

Here's a glance at some absolutely fabulous homes.

Halle Berry's Malibu home

Wait, is that a paparazzo in front of Halle's spot??

J-Lo's Beverly Hills home

Eva Longoria's Hollywood Hills home

KW at the NFL 2005 Kickoff Event this week

Apparantly Kanye's performing EVERYWHERE these days. *With my brown fist in the air* I ain't complainin.

Samuel L. Jackson at the premiere of The Man

Samuel L's new movie The Man looks very interesting. Looks like black people bout to walk out yet ANOTHER movie mad at white folks.

Friday kicked off Olympus Fashion Week in NY.

Apprentice Runner-Up Kwame Jackson was spotted on the front row of the Michael Wesetly Fashion Spring 2006 Show with girlfriend Jessica Cabana. That chick is holdin on for dear life. Trust me girl...you can have him.

And Venus Williams was spotted at the James Perseny Store Launch in NY. What the hell is up with this outfit? A mess. She should be banned from all Fashion Week events for wearing this get-up.

On the other hand...there was a fabulous chick at the Store Launch spotted. (The chick in the black dress)

She's NY socialite Genevieve Jones. Her look is fab.

Urrrsher was on TRL a couple days ago.

Why's he lookin so sad? Is he still mad about gettin kicked off the movie he was doin with Beyonce? Or maybe he's just depressed about all this mess going on on the Gulf. Either way...cheer up Ush. This too shall pass.

U.S. tennis Pro James Blake is HOT! Click here for the James Blake website

James and Andre Aggassi at the US Open this week

A young (25), black, male, smart (he went to Harvard), pro tennis player that is very sexy. How young, black, and fabulous is that!

The Randomness:

  1. Barbara Bush is just as WHACK and ignorant as her son's. Story
  2. It's sad when I feel more comforted listening to governors of other states speak about how they're gonna help us and when I see the police and military men of other states comin to the Gulf States' rescue than when I hear the US Pres. speak and see the people he's sending to help.
  3. Jay-Z was named the GQ International Man of the Year. Well deserved. Story
  4. Did ya'll see the BET Relief S.O.S. Telethon last night? Well if you didn't, you should have...and gave some $$$ too. Black Hollywood really stepped up to the plate and represented in the biggest way ever. Every entertainer, past and present, that you could think of was in attendance (and on very short notice). Thanks Black Hollywood. Story


Fashion trend- Black is back in a big way for fall. Dress it up and make it sexy and fabulous!

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