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Must Be Nice

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Daaaaaaang...I guess our girl B got it like that.

According to my sources, the Jiggaman showered Beyonce' with some serious ice on her recent 24th birthday.

It was a $2 million diamond and ruby ring to be exact. And to ice that chick out even more...he gave her a $600,000 matching watch. WHAT??? Must be nice. Oh, and I heard they are set to be married next month. Hmmmm....the Jiggaman don't dish out the millions for just regular occasions ya'll. So it just may be true this time.

Speakin of BK, I found her passport pic floatin around.

My ladies, My ladies...we know the wonders the perm and the CHI flatiron can work. Apparently so does B.

Jaime Foxx hosted a Katrina benefit this past weekend with some celeb friends.

Christina Milian and Jaime Foxx

Well those 2 look fab even when they're dressed down. Must be nice.

Ya'll remember those photos of Alicia Keys runnin on the beach I posted a while back? Well, more have surfaced.

Who is that random woman on the left? She look like she just saw a camera and decided to jump on in and act like she belonged there. Clearly that plan failed. And ol boy on the right looks like his sass is just overwhelming.

Ooooh who is this big ol man she all up on...and they're in several more pics I may add??

I'm feelin the bra peep through look.

Eva Longoria leaving Mr. Chows restaurant this weekend

That skirt and top and those shoes...too fab.

While we're on the subject of E...here's some haunting high school pics of her.

Wow. I bet she's pissed. Oh well......

Here's Beyonce's new ad for L'Oreal:

They gon make me wanna buy that fuchia lipstick. Now they know it's gon look the fool on actual people though.

Awwww...black love at it's best.

Faith Evans and hubby/manager

Mary J. Blige and hubby/manager

Kelly Price and hubby

There's still hope people!!!!

Wait, why was MC Hammer allowed to perform at the MTV Awards?? Why didn't anyone stop the producers mid sentence when this was proposed? They musta been hurtin for performers.

Oooh she makes my job so easy.

Shar Jackson at the recording studio this weekend

1, Why does Shar INSIST on wearing "UGLY" on her clothes? Is that a brand name just for her or sumthin? 2, I KNOW she ain't comin out with no singin career. And 3, she has failed the T and W test. Her pants are too Tight and too White for her. Please work that out quickly.

Ya'll already know what she thinkin..."That triflin ass boy Kevin don left me with all these damn kids while he go lay up in that man-stealin ho Britney's house!" The face says it all.

Jenny Lopez spotted meeting her husband at a Hollywood Hotel this weekend.

J-Lo...darling...where has your fabulousness gone?? Come back. Please.

Mike Tyson arriving in Moscow yesterday

It is seriously unecessary for Mike to be given flowers when he enters a country. Even the older white women love him? What is it about this man the white women love????? Please, somebody tell me!

Kanye West gave a Good Morning America performance recently and I was lovin it!

That man is always fly.

The Randomness:

  1. The Hip-Hop world bands together for a Hurricane Relief effort. They're aso talkin serious noise about our government. Story
  2. Anybody else confused on how Suge Knight can get shot MULTIPLE times and stay alive? And why is he always gettin shot in the first place? Story And I'm mad this made CNN news.
  3. Kanye West has been talkin bout his serious bladder probs. Story
  4. Why were Lil Wayne and Trina at MTV Awards together and holding hands. I thought Lil Weezie was married?! If so, some tracks is bout to be yanked out!
  5. It's bout time they made a magazine strictly for black females up on the fabulous tip. Check out VIBE Vixen.


Fashion trend alert- Kimora Simmons has developed the Baby Phat perfume (in a pretty pink diamond bottle) and it smells SO good. Got to get it ya'll.

Where my comments at? Love to hear what ya'll have to say!

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