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Award show mania

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Now I know I'm a lil late on reporting the fabness and non-fabness of the VMA's and World Music Awards...but I'm do so anyway.

After I awoke from the sound of my own snoring while watching the real boring VMA's ...I decided to put some celebs on blast.

Ciara....what hooker off of what street did you jack this outfit from??? You looked a hot mess at the BET Awards and a funky mess here...1 more strike and you're SO out.

Singer Rhianna

Well I don't know bout this outfit...but her shoes are fab.

Ms. Keys looked pretty fab in her mettalic strapless dress.

But she needs to tell her friend/entourage member that she should NOT try to jock her side braids hairstyle...it definitely aint workin for her.

This is most conservative look Kim EVER wore...she may wanna stick with it. They don't allow your breasts to hang out in the jailhouse...usually.

Damn that Michelle. Ya'll know she was gon mess up the pic. Ooooh, I really hope those big ass earrings B is wearing do not become the new trend.

Christina looked fab as usual at the Ocean Drive pre-party.

Eva looks like a 60's Mailbu Barbie wearin an oversized metallic t-shirt.

LaLa and Carmelo Anthony

Awwww the couple finally makes an appearance together.

Mariah got it right ya'll!!! She looks fabulous.

And why was her performance probably the best one of the night?? Sad.

There was something elegantly fab about Amerie's dress.

Snoop Dogg's after party had all the fab stars.

But why did he wear this nonsense to his own party?

I swear Nelly gets sexier and sexier very time I see him.

Kellz...stay away from the teeny boppers...you know they all up in that piece.

What the...?? Ice T's wife looks like a hoochie barbie accessory. Just ridiculous.

I guess Nick finally got his girl all to himself.

Ummmm, I need Quincy Jones to quickly realize this shirt no longer fits. He and/or his stylist needs to quickly work that out.

Lil John tried to get classy.

And Luda still looks sexy.

Usher also had a VMA after party.

Hmmmm, here's Amerie and her manager/alleged lover manager Larry Nichols. Now why ya'll even tryna hide.

The World Music Awards had its fabs and unfabs too.

Mariah kept her "lookin fab" streak going.

D-child gave a performance. Ya'll know balancin on a chair in 4 inch heels takes some serious skill.

While Beyonce let the world know about her goodies. Close ya legs girl!!

This dress is not so fab Amerie.

Ya'll know Traci Bingham was there lookin a burnin hot mess.

If you need to walk around holding up your breats...you need not wear this dress.

Doesn't Toni's husband look like he'll be comin out the closet any day now?

Rhianna, Terrai Marie, and Amerie gave a tribute to Destiny's Child. Anyone else think it's scary that they all look alike and names sound alike? WE NEED ORIGINALITY PEOPLE!!!!

The Randomness:

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  2. Kanye went BAD on Bush and the gov't on live tv for this mess N.O. is in. To see the video...click here.
  3. Click here to read the blog of a New Orleanian still there.
  4. Season 2 of Desparate Housewives is almost here!!!
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