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Hello all of my ultra fabulous readers. I'm writing to let everyone know that I am A-OK. I had to evacuate to my parents' house in North Louisiana, so I have no clue if my apartment in N.O. is still standing. I haven't had good internet/phone access in days. Thanks for all your prayers and words of hope and concern.

Right now, my mind and heart is really hurting for the thousands of people in LA, MS, and AL that were stranded or just couldn't afford to leave. Please everyone keep them in your prayers. Even the weather man did not expect this much damage, which is still worsening, until the last minute. So people left the city expecting to return in a couple days (packing only a couple things). Now we've been told we can't even enter the city for a couple months. I could barely stop myself from breaking down crying today as everything just all hit me. I had to go shopping for clothes and essentials since they're not letting us back in to New Orleans for another 3-4 months. I have not talked to ANY, except 2, of my friends cuz all phone and power has been down for days. I'm extremely worried. My school has been closed indefinitely. Every gas station within 20 miles of where I'm currently at is completely out of gas. Even though I'm thankful my family has the means to keep my life as normal as possible, whatever that means, I still hurt so bad for everyone else. I can't even explain it. My, as well as many others', life has been turned upside down and am still trying to figure out how to operate without my normal life. It's insane and the worst natural disaster to ever hit the US. My mind can barely wrap around it.

For anyone who is having trouble imagining exactly what Katrina has done....imagine September 11th on a 3-state level. The mayor of N.O. is predicting thousands, just in New orleans, are dead. South eastern Mississippi looks like a nuclear bomb was set off. Hardly anything is standing. In order to get my mind off of the tragedy surrounding me, I will be doing another post this weekend. Hopefully I can get some other people's mind off of it a while too.

Love ya'll and stay fab.

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