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Hate it or Love it

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Remember ya'll....haters never prosper. Now let's keep it movin shawtys...

{Said in my squeaky little girl voice} When I grow up..I wanna be Coral from the Real World. Then I can set up my retirement fund off the endless amount of reality shows I do. And everyone around me will be scared of me cuz I love to talk crap...non-stop. And everyone will only put up with my crap cuz they love to look at my huge boobs.

Pics from last night's Battle of the Network Reality TV Stars show

She ANNOYS me! I swear I would whoop her in a fight.

High school can haunt you forever.

High school pics of (l to r) Oprah, J-Lo, and Eddie Murphey

Speaking of Lady O, she's apparently pissed that the Chicago Defender newspaper published an article yesterday about her not attending John Johnson's (Founder of Ebony and Jet magazines) funeral. The Defender said it was her way of snubbing Johnson, something that many blak media figures have said she's done for years. Yahoo! News has the story. Shake it off O. Don't let the hatas bring ya down girl!

Diddy luv the kids.

Diddy at the Miami launch of Sean Carter Elite

P kicked off his new tennis shoe line this week called Sean Carter Elite. He's also in the process of kickin off his new clothing line called Sean Carter Latino. Now that's a smart move.

Awww look at the cute lil teeny bop couple. Bow Wow's main lady Ciara decided to slide on through to the New York Scream Tour show this week.

Daaaaaaamn. She towers over him FA REAL. LOL.

And Marques..that's just unnecessary.

That too.

You know what, you're unnecessary. Movin on...

Mariah, Mariah. That swimsuit is country and is definitely not ok. Try again. And stop posing for your "candids".

Serena's lookin unusually fab at her FLIRT event. She's the new spokesperson for the cosmetics company. Now ya'll stop laughing!

She coulda kept that big ol purple belt though.

Nick Cannon on this week's TRL

Hmmm, I wonder if he's pondering about where is girl Christina been? Well, he needs to be.

Also on TRL this week was the ultra cute John Legend. Mmmmm I LOVE that voice.

That Naomi Campbell don tried to kick somebody's azz again. Supposedly she has a cast on her foot (that we can't see) in this pic taken yesterday. She reportedly "twisted her ankle." Whatever, stop the violence Naomi.

Reagan Gomez-Preston (the girl from State Property and The Parent Hood) is randomly poppin up everywhere all a sudden.

Reagan at the 2005 UPN Press Tour

I guess you can do that when you look this fab. Her skin is gorgeous.

The Randomness:

  1. Szzurp rampant in Houston. Damn those rappers. LOL. As serious as this matter is, I couldn't help but laugh. Eurweb has the story.
  2. Beyonce wants children when D-child is over and Kelley is on a mission to gain weight. Eurweb has the story.
  3. The next Fugees singles comin out next month! Yaaay!


Watch for this fab trend: Empire waist dresses. Sexy and comfortable.

**By the way, this blog will most likely not be updated daily seeing that I entered a black hole called law school this week. For whoever doesn't understand, first year law students barely have time to eat, let alone indulge in a hobby such as this. I know, the situation sucks. In the meantime..stay fab!

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