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What the…..?

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Hey my fabulous readers! Hope you're enjoying the columns. Make sure to send the YBF link to your friends if they wanna stay up on what's hot. Aaaaaand on to the drama:

Is Usher serious about this outfit?

This pic was taken as he left a club last weekend. The only reason he got up in that club lookin this foolish is b/c his name is USHER RAYMOND. I really hope he don't get it twisted and think this outfit was ok.

Um excuse me, Halle?

What are you doing and why? Actually...I really don't wanna know. Just snap out of this unfabness...quickly.

OK. Who is this black man and why is he excessively cheesy in this pic?

Barry Bonds at a movie premiere this week

Oh, my bad. That's Barry Bonds. Maybe he's happy just to even be invited to a movie premiere.

Redman is in the process of taping his new video "Rush the Security". It looks quite interesting so far.

Only Redman would turn a flight attendant into a hoochie.

The premiere of Underclassmen was last night. Look at Mr. Cannon lookin all grown and sexy.

Look at this....always tryin to move in on the black man. Hahaha. Just kidding ya'll (kinda), she's one of the co-stars.

MTV kicked off the VMA hoopla today with "Hotel VMAs". I don't really understand its purpose, but the celebs and vjs did come out and kick it.

MTV VJ La La, who's also b-ball star Carmelo Anthony's fiance', looks cute as usual.

WOW! I soooo thought Sway only wore that hat when he was doin the news.

And of course Diddy was there.

Wait hold up...is that grey hair in Diddy's head?? Please work that out quickly D...

What the hell?
Once again, Traci Bingham does NOT understand that she is not the black Pam Anderson. Maybe we should just let her think it...

And to bring some fabulousness up in this post...

Tyra Banks at a recent photo shoot

Ms. Tyra is definitely Badd!

Whoa. Vanessa?

Vanessa Williams spotted recently on the beach

Where has she been? I don't know but her body is SICK! Thanks to Kanye's workout plan...she's the envy of all her friends...


  1. Apparently Mos Def got married recently. Allhiphop.com has the story.
  2. Note to Charlie Wilson and Mike Jones...We all know your name. We all know how to pronounce it. Stop tryin to teach us.
  3. Our favorite Pon De Replay girl Rhianna has been arrested. What the ....? BET has the story.
  4. Tyson Beckford is sueing P. Diddy. Can't we all just get along. BET has the story. (I'm learning about federal court jurisdiction right now in law school so if you wanna know why they need to take the case there...holla at me)
  5. Mannie Fresh has left Cash Money Records. The N.O. just won't be the same. BET has the story.

Till next time...

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