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Aint it funny?

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Here's a piece of wonderful fanmail I got on my comments today:

Disappointed said...

*sigh* This blog really sux. You need to really represent better and you fall short everytime I view your less than entertaining rehash of bet.com. I should start my own black entertainment blog. I shall name it blackisthenewblog.

Just a point of information...the only info on my blog that comes from bet.com is a couple of rumors at the end of my entire post. Please do your research and state only facts when criticizing. For that sole reason, this whole comment has been discredited. With that said, ain't it funny, my fab readers, that people are quick to negatively criticize something that is one of the first of its kind? And even worse, that the citicizer has nothing to offer themselves? Jealousy is a beast. I'm not the one saying "i should start a black celebrity blog..." because, ta-da, I am doing it.

The purpose of me puttin this on blast is, if you read my blog and want to criticize...make it constructive. Especially when there is no precedent available to guide me. That's what us grown folks do. I welcome ALL criticisms because I always strive for perfection. But please don't waste my time or yours. Thanks. Stay fab!

P.S. Don't worry, I will never address this issue again.
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