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Readership is definitely picking up so BIG SHOUTS OUT to all of my fabulous readers.

Mad thanks to Dana for putting me on blast (in a good way) on her site
Dana*s Dirt. Ya'll check check out her blog...FAB!

And on to the gossip mill:

Now who told Christina this hairstlye was cute on her? She really is a cute girl but that hair aint fab at all.

Christina Milian at Thursday's Blender party

And girl tie ya left shoe before you bust ya ass on that red carpet like Paris Hilton. And we don't want that!

Awww...and look at Christina's on again/off again boyfriend Nick.

Nick Cannon at last night's 2nd Annual X-Games Afterparty

He's definitely a cutie in my book.

Here's some pics of the fabulous Halle Berry at a recent photo shoot:

Well damn Ms. Halle. Work it out then!

Speaking of the Hallez...details about her new purchase have been released. Her new $6 mil mansion has a two-bedroom guesthouse, a spa, two fire pits and a pool with a stone diving platform. Read Page Six for the story. (You may have to register for free)

Jay-Z has a new R&B diva on his arm...

Relax ya'll...it's just a business thang. Her name is Tearria and she's the new R&B diva on Roc-a-fella records. Jay-Z even looks scared to touch her cuz he think B gonna be in that azz if he gets to friendly.

Tearrai and Jigga on MTV's TRL yesterday

I don't know...she looks real unoriginal. Like Ashanti and Amerie had a baby or sumthin and the product was her.

Her new song is hot though.

Speaking of Jigga, it's been reported that he is about to buy a new Penthouse for $15 mil right next to his boo Beyonce' in the Time Warner Center in NY. Damn. Must be nice to have it like that! Read Page Six for the story.

And maybe this black dude from the INX rockstar reality show just don't know how outta place he looks.

Somebody needs to tap him on the shoulder and let him know. Quick. Movin on...

Puffy at his party last night in St. Tropez

P. Diddy threw a party last night at Club Papayago in St. Tropez-France. And even though Diddy was His Royal Flyness as usual, his momma wasn't. As usual. Check out Janice Combs in the middle of the pic:

Just a hot ass mess. And why does girlfriend Kim Porter (to the left of J-Combs) have a band-aid on her nose? More importantly, why would she go out in public lookin like that? Maybe she tried to tell her future mother-in-law about her unfabulousness and got decked in the nose. Good try Kim. Keep hope alive!

And finally....the Hip-Hop Billboard Awards were taped last night. And ya'll know that means the ghetto fabulousness was out and about.

Why does it look like Lil' Mo woke up and threw on the first thing she could find from 7 years ago? Tight satin shirts are SO unfab.

The awards show was also honoring Chaka Khan. Now I hate to talk mess about a music icon, but this look is real scary.

She even looks a lil confused about it herself.

Has Fatty Koo really blown up? Has anybody watched the show?? Yeah...didn't think so. Oh...and girl in the red jacket....you are NOT a superstar.

Here's Loon and Donnell Jones. Anybody else think Loon has been lookin sexy these days? And Donnell...where have you been? Come back!!

Somebody needs to pull George Clinton aside and whisper "You too old for this s*$% man."

Now the girl's sangin is on point, but Keyshia Cole's style is NOT.

All them damn tatoos are unnecessary. And that 5 tone hair is equally unecessary. She needs a new stylist before her career really pops off. Pronto!

Other news, sans pics:

  • Eddie Murphy's wife of 12 years, Nicole, filed for divorce a couple days ago. Damn. And they were a black Hollywood couple I thought would last. And my hopes are dashed...again. Story

  • Foxy Brown is facing misdemeanor charges of assault, attempted assault and harassment on some nail shop workers. I aint gonna lie...it is frustrating when people mess up ya nails. I wanna hit their asses too. Story


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