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Proof is in the Pics…

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So if there was any doubt in your mind about Ashanti and Nelly being a couple...squash it. Hmmm must be nice. Cuz ya'll kow I LUV me some Nelly. Hope it doesn't last. Haha...just kidding. Sort of. She is lookin pretty fab in her bright yellow bathing suit. Do ya thang girl. To satisfy a YBF reader's personal request...I got some pics of Halle.

Halle Berry at the 2005 BET Awards

Just Fabulous. The Hallez just bought a $5 million home recently. And she bought it from that kid Frankie Munez from Malcom in the Middle. Interesting. Speaking of HB, she recently teamed up with Oral B to donate $150,000 to the American Heart Ass. It was to celebrate the launch of a new Oral B toothbrush. How exciting. Quick, somebody throw her a movie script! Now this is funny. Somebody created a pic of Beyonce and Jay-Z's child. Just wrong. The Scream IV tour is blowin up these days. That doesn't mean I'ma be goin though. Here's some pics from the performers. (B5, Bobby Valentino, Omarion, Bow Wow) Was Diddy serious when he created "B5"? Look at Bow lookin all grown and cute. Wait...is that a perm in his head?! T-Boz had a NY debut party for her childrens clothing line Chase's Closet. Her daughter, Chase, is in the pics and is the cutest most fabulous thing ever. Awww. The line is the #1 high-end children's clothing line in Texas. High-end children's clothes? I guess.... Puffy's mom decided to drop by the fashion debut. And who else to ruin a fashion event other than the unfabulous Janice Combs. Once again...why Janice, why? Call Diddy to come get his momma, stat! Finally Mariah! You got it right! The fabulousness emerges. You look fab in the outfit M. Let's try to keep it up.

Joy Bryant at last night's premiere of Skeleton Key

You are workin' this red dress Joy. Note the metallic bag. Fab. And sorry to end this YBF installment on a sad note... But the Dave Chappelle Show has been squashed on Comedy Central. I guess Dave cracked under the pressure. He said he's overwhelmed with stress. Good news: 8 episodes of the third season have been taped and will be released on DVD. Read here for the article. Come back Dave!!!


One of my absolute favorite stores is H&M. Cheap prices for better than Wet Seal class clothes.

It's all the looks for less. The only prob is that there aren't any H&M stores in the South, but they are all over the North and Northeast USA and Europe. So the website will have to suffice. You can even create a model on the website and put clothes on it to see how they will look on you. Have fun looking around. Truly YBF!
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