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Everybody tryin to be like Angelina these days. Kimora Lee Simmons announced that she will be adopting 3 brand new children from different countries. And yes, the future mother of the united nations talked about it in her Insider interview today like she was getting some new Luis Vuitton bags or sumthin.

Let's just hope her divaness (that supposedly got her Life & Style tv show ended)/DUI charges don't interfere with her longing desire to adopt kids from China... and elsewhere. That damn Kimora cracks me up. Ms. BabyPhat said her first adoptee will "come from China". She said they just have so many children... everywhere... so she wants some. After I finished fallin my ass over in laughter, I scouted for more celeb news.

Just when the ladies of Wysteria Lane thought that everything was safe from black people, Alfre Woodard joins the cast of Desperate Houswives. Yes, that's her husband with her at ABC's TCA event last week. Now if ya'll saw the season finale, you saw Alfre (i don't her show name yet) move in, and with an ultra-fine son in tow. He's Mechad Brooks {above pic}. Pre-Mechad Housewives was one of my fave shows on tv. Now Post-Mechad, it's stifling the competition. Since I watch the show every Sunday religiously (and now I have DVR to record it if I miss it), expect periodic updates about the show when Season 2 jumps off.

Also at the ABC event was Isaiah Washington. He plays one of the surgeons on Grey's Anatomy (which comes on right after Desperate Housewives). Another must-see show I may add.Even though he's sexin it up with Sandra Oh on the show, he's married to a sistah. Finally.

Awww look. It's Eva and Tony...AGAIN! Damn does she bring him to EVERY ABC event? Hollywood's talking all about his proposal to her that she said "Maybe" to. Keep hope alive Tony! Eva also received a proposal from JC Chasez of N' Sync while they were dating like a second ago. She said a definite "No" to that.

And yes Eva will show up on YBF often cuz I think she's fabulous. I've been a fan since she was a crazy heffa on Young and the Restless.

Later on that night, ABC and Eva Longoria hosted a Summer 2005 Press Tour All-Star event. The very fab Gabrielle Union appeared to talk about her upcoming show on the network. That Naomi is back at it again. Some random chick named Yvonne Scio, supposedly a C-list actress, claims that Naomi Cambpell attacked her, busted her lip, and caused her to go to the hospital. Hmmm...maybe Naomi's just mad cuz Usher ditched her and Tyra's the black supermodel now. Hell I'd be mad too.

Omarion and Marques at the Coach Carter premiere

Ya'll heard about Marques Houston gettin a $2 million offer to pose nude for Playgirl mag right? Well now sources at Playgirl are trying to get out the word that they never offered him a mil, let alone 2 mil for him to pose. They said they really wish he would stop spreading the lie. Read here for the full story from allhiphop.com. PG said they gonna give him a "special surprise" in their Oct. 11th issue. Awww shucks now! By the way, his song "Naked" is hot.

Mike Tyson decided to take a lil trip to Nikki Beach in St. Tropez this week. MT...you just look like you settin ya self up for a case. All them girls around you...

Mike, step AWAY from the white girls. Have you not taken a lessen from your fellow black counterparts?

See, it just look like you doin sumthin wrong Mike. As soon as she go missin...this picture will be posted EVERYWHERE. Step away Mike, just step away.

Beyonce' and Co. visited the Ronald McDonald House in New York this weekend. How sweet! Damn it Michelle, turn around! That girl always messin up the picture!

B. luv the kids! And she's lookin fabulous as usual.

Oooh Golden. Yo stuff looks a hot mess. And I love me some Girlfriends, but this hair and makeup and even the outfit and shoes are anything but Fab. Please work that out...quickly.

Golden Brooks at this week's E! Summer Splash Party


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