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Party it up!

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Yes...black people do kick it in the Hamptons.

Kimora and Russell Simmons threw a Hamptons party this weekend. The First Family of hip-hop honored Alicia Keys at its "Bright Lights" philanthropy event.

Ms. Keys arriving to the event and posing with some kids. She lookin like a dime...thas top of the line...Ya'll know ya'll like that song!

Awww..it's the whole fam. Oh, plus Rev. Run. Now Kimora, why ya kids look like they goin to Sunday service but you look like you goin to the club? That aint right.

But she still looks hot and that dress and those shoes are too fab. Do it then Mrs. Simmons.

Usher and his model girlfriend, Eishia, graced the Hamptons' guests with their presence. Usher look like an undisputedly black Tiger Woods, but the couple still looks hot.

Star Jones and Al Reynolds stopped by also. Don't ya'll think Star is gonna fall victim to the same situation as Terry McMillan in say, 5 years?? Let's just hope for the best. Star is lookin good these days.

T-Boz looks white hot. Her shoes are fab also.

Why does Russell look like my annoying kid brother? Oh well, his rich ass must be doin somthin right...

And on to the not so fab:

Janice Combs walked up in the Hamptons lookin the absolute fool. And why is her hair STILL that color? You tellin me aint nobody told her nuthin bout that yet? Ms. Combs, ya son got too much money for this insanity.

She reminds me of that older woman that's always in same club as you but has no business being there. Someone tap her on her shoulder and offer her some help....please.

Vivica looks like she has become addicted to the knife. Lil Kim has spread her love of the knife to her celeb friends. Stop Vivica!!! Don't listen to her!!! Stay away!!! Her dress and shoes are on point though.

Jaime Foxx was honored this weekend in Miami by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation as they named him an ambassador.

Ya'll know Jaime had to keep it real and pop the Cris. Business is best discussed with a glass of sumthin in your hand.

Wrapping up this weekend's party circuit was VH1's Save The Music Foundaton benefit.

It was hosted by Morris and Jaci Reid. {above}

Toni Braxton loks FABULOUS giving a short set at the benefit. Seems like havin kids has made her look even better.

Daaaaamn who is that chick on the left?? She looks hella scary.

Star and Al also hit up this benefit. They just runnin the circuit. I bet Al prays every night she doesn't leave him.

Star's shoes are really country. What was she thinkin?Ya'll believe me now about Al and turning out like Terry McMillan's husband? Movin on...

Russell managed to make it to this benefit (STILL lookin like my annoying kid brother; maybe it's the hats), sans Kimora though. She probably took the whole day to pretty herself up for her own benefit...knowing her.

Gayle King, Oprah's best friend, also dropped by. I wonder if she gets tired of being called "Oprah's best friend" for people to know who she is. I would pay to have people call me "Oprah's best friend". She need not be stupid about it.


For quick insight on what's going on in the hip-hop world...check out MyHipHopspace. My Soror Shannan Johnson writes for the page as an intern and it's pretty cool.

And keeping with the theme of Kimora and all her fabulousness: check out Babyphat, her super cute clothing line. Divalicious.

Hey..leave a comment ya'll. Let me know how I'm doin.

I'm outie!

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