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Why do people do the things they do? Lil' Kim used to be my girl. Now she's just scary.

Kim...stay away from the damn knife! Plastic surgery is NOT your friend. Let's move on...quickly...

Lil' Kim on somebody's "red carpet"

SAD! Ok, movin on fa real...

Ashanti on her way to court

She's trying to get out of paying her ex-producer a ridiculous amount of change. Why everybody try to class their act up a bit for court? Funny. {pic from Pink is the New Blog}

I wonder if this was her face after Terry McMillan found out her husband of 6 years is gay?

Have ya'll seen her husband and heard him speak? How didn't she know???

Condi Rice at a football game

So Sec. of Sate Condeleexa Rice (aka my idol) and Oprah were named to Forbes Top 10 most powerful women list. Lady O is #8. And guess what...the Fabulous Condi is #1. The most powerful woman in the world is black? Oh somebody is scared s*$%less right now. Good.

New wax statue of R. Kelly

R.Kelly is also being offered as a 6 inch doll in Tokyo, Japan. Read here for the article. The only people that play with dolls are little girls. They wrong for that. Well Kim looks a bit more Fab in this pic. MTV News reports that on her new album coming out soon, she talks mess about everybody. She says she seen 5o cent in homosexal "activities", says Foxy aint s*&!, and her hatred for Junior Mafia and Star Jones is real. Hmmm...

Michael Jackson as

Agent M.J. in "Miss Cast Away"

Now I try to stay away from Michael news, but this is ridiclous. This pic is from his new movie that is a spoof on his tribulations. Is this really necessary? Why Mike??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For a great shoe site to visit...try www.shoeluv.com. Cute shoes, easy to find em. A look I'm lovin: Big handbags. So Fabulous. FAB Discounted retailer: Tons of fabulous clothes for all.
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