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Yet again, it's time to deal with my conscious. "Go support a black movie at all costs" vs. "I know I wanna wait till this stupid ass movie come out on video...and I don't even know if I'll see it then". Ahh the choices we must make.

50 cent's new movie Get Rich or Die Tryin will be out in theaters this November...and yes it looks the fool. But...Terrance Howard is his co-star so maybe it won't be that bad. Possibly. The movie trailer makes the movie out to be a cross between State Property (ya'll know ya'll saw it) and Belly (I don't like to admit I saw it). Damn people, can we get a better crop of black movies? Pleeeease?

Speaking of mr. rap mogul, he's been seen kickin it REAL hard with MTV VJ and the Insider's Vanessa Minnillo.

And she's even been seen sneaking out of his house at all hours. From Vivica to Vanessa...hmm i guess.

Speaking of lookin for good black films, Gabrielle Union is looking ultra pretty these days. Check her out at one of her Honeymooners premiers. Truly YBF. I need to see that movie.

I do know I'll be seeing the Miami Vice movie starring our resident Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Jaime Foxx.

He's definitely lookin sexy in this photo from the movie ladies. And that white boy Colin Farell aint so bad either. Anywho...J. Foxx's new movie Stealth hits the theaters this weekend. Do it big then!

Jaime Fox and his co-stars in Stealth

Also dating...officially...are Tony Parker (very cute black french baller of the San Antonio Spurs) and Eva Longoria.

Eva and Tony sneak a kiss

She brought him to the Desperate Housewives launch party last night. And I saw that with my own eyes on the Insider. They even showed her introducing Tony as her boyfriend. Awww. Isn' that cute?? Well, not really. I'm obsessed with Desperate Housewives, so it's interesting to me. Eva is finally openly admitting their romance after months of denying it and even dating other people. They're even rumors of engagement, which the couple is denyig of course.

MTV's VMA nominations were released the other day. The award show takes place on August 28th and will be hosted by who other than the fab Diddy. And yes...black entertainers are taking that mug over in every way possible. The nominee list is flooded with our usual suspects: Kanye, Mariah, Snoop, Usher, 50, Destiny's Child, Missy, Luda, TI, Ying Yang Twins, and of course the fabulous Ms. Keys. Newcomer nominees are John Legend and Ciara. Oh, and Akon. But do we claim him? And welcome back to the nominee list Amerie, Common, and Nas. Click on the pic of Diddy to go to the MTV site and get the full list of nominees in every category. The VMA's are heavily hip hopped out this year. FAB-U-LOUS!

The R. is back at it again ya'll. And looking extremely patriotic I might add.

It's been whispered that he's making another installment of "Trapped in the Closet"...5 more chapters to be exact! So this will make the series Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-10. Why Kellz? The first five really coulda been lumped into one. He's so dramatic. But I surely did listen, intently at that, to all 5. Damn it R. Kelly, stop playin with my mind.

D-Child taping a FUSE T.V. show

Now I know Beyonce' and company are "retiring" for good reason, but maybe it's also so B can spend more time with her hip hop mogul boyfriend. She and the Jiggaman look like a nice little happy couple spending q.t. on the beach. Little do they know the paparrazi is awatchin. B, wassup with the mini-fro you got goin on? She's still my girl though.

She's oh-so-fabulous. I need her workout plan, FA REAL. What I wouldn't give...

Click here for more pics of B on vacation.

Now I LOVE me some Alicia Keys, but are her clothes getting tighter, or is she just gettin thicker?

Regardless, she's still the ultimate Fab! It's been whispered on allhiphop.com that the college drop out himself, Kanye West, and her are an item. I heard they were spotted kickin it on the sly at an upscale club in the NY. And ya'll know Kanye sent her a shot out on one of his songs, talkin bout he want to play one of Alicia's keys. Keep on swimmin girl!

One of the major trends for this fall is black. I haven't worn black as a staple in a minute, but it's comin back ya'll. Check out Style's trend report to read all about Black and how to wear it fabulously.
A look I'm loving: Gold accessories and shoes. So bold and so Fabulous. Gold looks great with virtually every African American skin tone. Try it ladies!
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