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Too much for me!

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I will be sending in a perfected resume' to some damn body to become Mariah Carey's stylist. Honestly, she's a beautiful woman...but why must she dress like this? She looks homely and trashy at the same time. It's just unnecessary. Her clothes went from completely toned down to NO tone at all over the span of her career.

Why Mariah??? I want the old Mariah back!

Hopefully she'll get it right in her "Shake it Off" video premiering tonight on BET. That song is the jam by the way.


Movin on to celebs who do get it right...

Beyonce' Knowles and Usher have signed on together to do a film called Dreamgirls where Miss B. is a singer and Mr. Abs is a choreographer (a stretch, huh?). We'll see how all that pans out.

Speaking of the Beautiful B., very recently she was ordered to pay more than $1 million to her former modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled she had withheld monies from the company. And just a few weeks ago, she was sued by a singer-songwriter who claims that her song "Baby Boy" is stolen from a track she wrote several months beforehand. Why everybody tryin to hit up ya girl for her paper? Mo Money, Mo Problems.

And Urrsher, well he ain't nobody's baby daddy...yet. Rumors were flyin that he got his girlfriend Eishia Brightwell pregnant. He vehemently denies it...saying he's been focused on his project for school kids in Atlanta. Why he actin like he can't do two things at once? Hmmm...I guess.

Why everybody gotta have a sex tape??? Well I heard that Eve has one circulatin around from back in her stripper days. Ya'll do know she used to be an exotic dancer right? Yeah, she actually admits to it. Anywho... I'm not sure who she's on the tape with , but the folks on the Doug Banks radio show said they most definitely think it's her in the video. I've also heard it could be Nelly's sexy self on that tape with her. Mmmm..Miss Ashanti would have some words for her man bout that....


For some serious Holloywood fabulousness for prices that are definitely right...visit the website of designer Mark Alexander. A few sexy things I found off the site are below: (All three of these items are under $70-Trust me...great price for designer duds! And yes-the celebs are wearing him.)


And for the ladies who KNOW they have extra ba-dunk-a-dunk: Nelly's Applebottoms clothing line is actually pretty cute, for the most part. Some stuff is iffy, but the tops and jeans are nice...at a nice price. The jeans pictured below will keep you young, black and oh-so-fab.


And on the sophisticated tip...

is my store. Make sure you look at the sale stuff, and many things are cheaper in the store depending on where you live. Still...for looks this fab...the prices aren't that drab.

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