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Well, to sum it up in just a few words...I'm a celebrity gossip fiend. I read every celeb magazine, watch E!, Hollywood Insider, and receive sporadic gossip texts from People.com. I know...sad. But hey..everybody has their own vice, or outlet. Mine is celeb gossip.

The only thing is...it's hard to find info on black celebs. Miss Elise Neal said it best in this month's VIBE.

When asked about having to deal with overwhelming and "stalking-like" fans in public, she said, "They (the press) don't let us (black entertainers) get that big...so we don't have that problem." Hmmm...so of course..this got me thinkin. Besides Oprah, who in Black America has the same probs as say...Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton? No damn body. And those two little white girls have only done a few movies. Nothing ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR. I'm a little insulted...so I decided to do something about it.

My blog is for updates/pics/gossip on our FABULOUS peers in Black America. Add in my trend alerts and fashion opinions and you will become and/or remain Young, Black, and Fabulous. Hopefully my site can serve as your haven for the much longed for info you have needed and wanted about the fabulousness of Black America.

Work with me...it's my first Blog. Let's do the dayum thang!



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