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I just don’t know bout this ya’ll

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So my whole post got erased the first time..and now I'm tying to do it over..DAMN!

Now I know I'm supposed to support black movies, but sometimes I just wanna wait till it comes out on video, i.e.
Hustle and Flow.
Now I know the movie won't be extremely "bootleg" since MTV is producing it, but still. When I first saw the trailer I thought AWW HELL TO THE NAWW in the words of Whitney Houston (we'll get to that in a sec). But for some odd reason, my curiosity is peaked. Is it because Terrance Howard is so sexy in that understated type way? Or maybe because all this hype about the movie must mean sumthin. I just don't know. But I'll let ya'll know if I dish out the Lincolns to go see it.

Have ya'll seen the Whitney and Bobby Show? Oh, my bad...Being Bobby Brown?
Now the Bravo channel know they need to change the name of this show. They know they need both Whitney's and Bobby's crazy asses as the focal points to keep this show's ridiculously high ratings. And apparently crack is NOT whack cuz Mr. and Mrs. Brown act a plum fool on this show.
The charade has only aired about 3 or 4 episodes. So, for those of you who plan to get hip to da game and catch up on reruns, I won't discuss the show as much. But I do have a few questions. If you have the answers, feel free to post em.

  1. Why the hell does Bobbi and Whitney let BobbiKristina walk around on national tv with her hair lookin the ABSOLUTE fool? Whitney...if your hair is always on-point, so should hers.
  2. Speakin of that poor child, doesn't BobbiKristina look just a hot mess all around. I try not to talk about the children, but damn. Is it her clothes? Her parents need to work that out.
  3. Was Whitney always this crazy and we all just bought her good girl image?
  4. I'm saddened, yet entertained when I watch this show. Is this possible?


Did ya'll hear about the book Confessions of a Video Vixen?It's some hot talk on the gossip circuit. Well ex-video ho, i mean video girl, Karen Hunter dishes all her sexcapades with Jay-Z, Usher, Shaq, and MANY others. I'm bout to get this book QUICK. And yes, I do believe her. Her details are VERY detailed and none of the guys are denying ANYTHING. Do ya'll know this chick said Ray-J was her best lover?? Is she serious?!? I'm starting Law School next month, but I'm surely bout to squeeze in time for this read. Oh, and now she's dating the white controversial political analyst Bill Mahr...interesting.


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Fave magazine for info on the urban life: VIBE

And in Amerie's interiew she alludes to covering up her sexual relationship with her current manager...hmm...interesting.

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